Wiring and electrical emergency Prague – Tomáš Jedelský

We have operated in the domestic market for Czech and foreign clients since 2007, when we became equal partners for the realisation of your projects. We specialise in high-voltage and low-voltage installations up to 1000V, mostly in the Prague area. During this period we have accumulated a lot of experience in houses and flats as well as industrial constructions, we are able to comprehensively solve your project. Our goal is to propose economic solutions, according to the latest trends, quality and quickly implemented. We provide all this by regularly training our staff and monitoring the current trends in wiring development. As we have been in the market for a considerable period of time, we can ensure the delivery and co-ordination of other professions (masons, gas and water workers, architects, carpenters, electrical inspections, smart wiring ...). You can always rely on the agreement with us. The reward for our work is a satisfied customer who will gladly use our services again.


Recently we have opened an emergency service for you which is in operation NON-STOP.

Our main characteristics include:

  • economic performance
  • modern solution
  • high quality of work
  • speed of work execution
  • complexity
  • reliability